In life, we long for connection. Some of these connections turn into lifelong relationships, some relationships that last for a certain period, some only for a freckle of time. Some are there to stay and some we would rather do well without.

I have encountered circumstances where occasionally people would frustrate and annoy me unintentionally or not. Something they did or didn’t do; the way they would talk; the opinions they held; the way they held their body and the list goes on. One thing or another would influence and sometimes even upset me. At some point, I realized that I can turn these situations to my advantage so as I get to know myself better. I knew that as much as the person was annoying, it had not so much to do with that person, it’s the way in which I was reacting to that situation and it was very useful for me to understand that process, noticing the way I felt and reacted towards them.

It is also about seeing more clearly what is it actually that this person is poking in me? What part am I reacting to? What is this resistance about? What is it linked with? What is the learning here? What part of me do I need to accept/release/let go? What part of me haven’t I given a voice to? What is all this noise about?

These situations are opportunities to understand your patterns, your mind, your limitations and by understanding and being aware of them then you can start the process of changing them if you would like that. It can be appealing to simply run away, shut off and simply blame the other person admitting to ourselves that it is simply their fault and who they are or you can choose to simply see them as very useful and valuable tools and as opportunities to get to know yourself better. What do you choose?

2 thoughts on “Each encounter is an opportunity

  1. It is remarkable the openness and honesty of sharing your own life experience, feelings and opinions. I am sure there are many of us who felt sharing the same while reading through your article. Unfortunately, we can not change society and the negative pressure will always be hunting people who doesn’t fit to the standard expectations. What can be done is adjusting the mindset to make this negative energy affect us as less as possible. I believe you Migena have found already the secret ingredient of living in fullness and happiness by embracing what life brings to us. I am sure you will help a lot of people to stop fighting the windmills and start living for themselves by learning to focus in their inner wishes.

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