Watch out your language

Learn how to better use your own every day language...

Have you ever noticed how you speak? How you formulate your sentences? How you talk to yourself and others?

Words are very powerful. As Shakespeare said they are like daggers. Some of the tools to use are:

  • Never use “one” (the third impersonal persona) – always use “I” – such a powerful place to come from.
  • Use positive and empowering words and find the gratitude spirit – especially when things do not go as planned.
  • Avoid “not” – it is a magnet for actually attracting what you do not want to have in your life. Instead of “I am not good at communicating!” replace it with “I am learning to communicate better!”
  • Champion yourself and people: see what they do well and give constructive feedback instead of putting them down for something they did wrong.
  • Don’t ask why – it brings up the defensive mode and brings up excuses. Instead ask all the other of Wh-questions – be creative and curious.
  • Never use “but” when praising someone or in any other circumstance. It simply negates whatever you said before. “I like you, but…!” (see what I mean).

I am very aware of how I use my language and how it works for me or against me. In my coaching sessions I use that as one of the tools to bring you closer to your deepest wishes and goals.

Try this simple exercise for a day: notice how you speak to yourself and others. How much is your language filled with “one”-s; “not”-s; “negative and disempowering words”?

Awareness is the first step to change.

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