What is self-leadership?

We are all leaders of our own life – we hear that often and what does that really mean?

One of my niches is self-leadership and I work a lot with my clients on that. It is a topic I love as it is so powerful to realize that you actually do have a choice. One of the most powerful choices is your attitude and your commitment – how you show up in life.

What self-leadership means to me: it is a lot about taking ownership of your life. To break it down into smaller bits would mean to:

  • Know your core values
  • Observe your attitude towards life and change if that does not fit with who you are or who you want to become and what life you want to lead
  • Set intentions or more plainly choose a mindset you want to go into life or things/events that happen in your life
  • Know and understand your blockages and what sabotages you: when they show up and what triggers them and in what way do they show up. The intention is to close that gap between all these aspects of you
  • Know how to connect and get info from your heart, body, mind and soul – that is connect with the core of you
  • Know what drives and motives you
  • Observe how you use your language

Self-leadership is so much more than these bullet points. For lack of a better word I would use journey – it is a journey of discovery and exploration all the time. Life does happen at all times and self-leadership to me means coming all the time from a place of curiosity, courage, compassion, appreciation, cooperation, love, presence towards ourselves and others for the sake of becoming more joyful and living a full live with all life has to offer.


What is the first step you would take towards living your life fully? I would love to support you – book a complimentary session with me at:

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