Saying goodbye to 2018…

I said goodbye to a close friend; cold calls; loads of rejections; free workshops; endless networking; long hours; some extra weight; many airports; unresponsive clients; fakeness; multitasking; attachment to material stuff…

I welcomed my newborn nephew Lukas; spent and made time for family; strengthened some old friendships and made new; experienced a growing business; 5300m altitude above the sea – feeling the nausea and still walking to reach the top; witnessed one of the world’s wonders: Machu Picchu and all its grandeur and history; traveled to more than 10 countries; trekking in canyons until bleeding; being a digital nomad; gave workshops in more than 5 countries internationally; laughed and cried my heart out; I experienced what it means to be in the present!

My word in 2018 was “TRUST” – trust in the process; trust that I am doing the right thing as I am following my passion and heart; trust that things will work out; trust that I am at the right place at the right time; trust in the goodness and support of people; trust that what I am creating in my life is the lessons and growth I need at the moment; trust that I am good and capable enough etc.

Having embarked on this entrepreneurial journey, trust is one of the biggest lessons I had to learn and still am learning at times. As hard and fragile as it is, trust I have learned is also a state of mind, a sensation, an intuition…and without wanting to sound naïve giving it is the best way to getting it.

This new year coming, my word is LOVE…it has always been there for me in what I do and I want to turn up more the volume for it. I love what I do and it shows though I find myself at times frustrated with the obstacles and process; lost in the details and miss the big picture. My intention is to learn how to love the process be it at work or private and somehow forget the attachment to the end result/goal and be open and flexible to what comes up during the process.

My wish for all of us is to live fully and love fully, take ourselves seriously and then again not too seriously, have fun and enjoy life and loved ones every single day!

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