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How do you increase your personal energy?

Find out how to increase your energy from your own four sources of energy: mind, body, heart and spirit.

Time is a finite resource, though some people have this ability to stretch time. Some of us earthlings do not and we have to focus on how to create more energy for ourselves with the means, time and resources we have so as to be fully present, participative and creative in our lives.

We do possess these wonderful four sources of energies that with some changes we can go long in creating and increasing our energy for the long term. These sources of energy are our body, mind, spirit and heart.

Before I address each of them, I would encourage you to start making an inventory of everything in your life that drains you of energy. It can be people, behaviors or tasks. This is to understand better yourself and also what gives you energy. How do you function best?

What triggers you most? What triggers the joy in you? What needs to be present so as you are fulfilled?

I will address each of the sources of energy so as to give you an idea of what you can do and make you aware of what you are doing that drains your energy.

BODY: it is a no-brainer that without a healthy energetic body, you cannot do much and be well. Taking care of your body needs to be a priority and integrated in a lifestyle that should not look like a chore. Find physical activities that you are happy about – it doesn’t necessarily mean going to the gym and close yourself in sweaty rooms with other sweaty people. It can be anything in nature. The key here is knowing yourself and what type of physical activities fit you. Find the time or create a system where exercise is integrated in your day. As simple as sometimes elevating the desk and working standing can make a difference and while you are there take some squats as well 😉

There is a lot to do when it comes to your physical energy: nutrition; sleep; water intake; exercise; decrease of coffee drinking; alcohol; rest etc.

What is one thing that you would change today looking at your life right now that will give you more physical energy? What habit do you need to replace?

MIND: If you were to have an inventory of the moments of peace and silence in your head, how many would they be? Have you ever experienced a thought-free mind? Hardly ever in our everyday, right? If you do meditate often yes, but in our everyday we fall into the pattern of overthinking and multitasking.

What adds fuel to this fire are all the distractions and triggers that are present everywhere: starting from technology, social media, tasks, colleagues, fires that needs to be put down etc the list is endless. We know how demanding and fast paced society is nowadays. With the technology, we are also expected to be available at all times and reply almost immediately to everything.

How do you manage to stay focused? How do you manage to get things done?

My advice would be to:

  • have these “ultradian sprints” that is: focus for 90-120 minutes take a true break and then fully focus on the next activity.
  • Be aware of distraction and plan your distractions well: set a time for answering emails/calls/inquiries.
  • Start with the most important and long term task first
  • At the end of the day have an inventory and plan, set intentions for the next day

There are so many things that can be done to free your mind of declutter, and if you were to commit to one thing for yourself, what would that be?

HEART: We are emotional beings. When we are faced with persistent demands and increasing challenges, and we are under severe pressure, it is normal to fall into so-called negative emotions or fight or flight mode and it might usually happen multiple times a day.   

We tend to become annoyed, irritable, angry and impatient or anxious and insecure. When in these modes, our energy is depleted and our relationships suffer the consequences and the frictions deriving from these states.  

Besides, when we are in these emotions, it is difficult to come from a place of clarity, logic and reflection.

It is quite important to notice what triggers these states and when you are already there, take a pause and have some deep abdominal breathing.

Make conscious breathing a ritual during the day so as to give yourself time to connect and be present which makes it easier to prepare yourself and prevent these fight or flight emotions.

SPIRIT: one way to tap into our human spirit is to live everyday in alignment with our values and what gives us fulfillment and meaning. Are you walking your talk? Are you in alignment with what you believe are the most important things for you? Are you living according to your inner compass? Are you being courageous to stand up for what you believe?

Take an inventory of how you live your life and see what small or big things you can change to increase more your personal energy. This is up to you – time is not! Make the wise decision for yourself to be surrounded with inspiring, open, loving people that give you energy, live a life where you feel you have the strings and it is not just passing by. Do a favor to yourself and be truthful to you: what is it you want? What would you like to look back and be proud of at the end of your life?

Would be honored to help you to figure out these questions for you!

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