I grew up in the Communist Albania of the ’80s. I remember my childhood being very happy and calm, growing up in a loving family with my parents and my two brothers.

My teenage years were troubled, as Albania went through a rough time of a changing regime and opening up to the world. These years instilled in me a great sense of compassion, responsibility, adaptability and appreciation of what is here and now, maturity and hope for the future.

In my late 20s, I moved to Denmark, as I had met what I considered at that time to be the love of my life, which turned out to be short-lived. I went through a period of self-discovery and got very interested in self-development and wanted to figure out how we come to create the life we have – and what is there to learn and improve?

My professional background also reflects a journey of curiosity and discovery. I studied languages and was fascinated by the beauty and richness of culture that the language also represents. I went on to get a Master’s in Business Administration, which opened up the world of numbers and conformity – a fast-paced world of boxes and deadlines. To begin with, I was fascinated, and it took me a long time to realize that it was not fulfilling me.

Whilst trying to figure out what would truly fulfill me, I attended lots of self-development courses. I also hired a coach and it became clear that I really wanted to work directly with people.

So that is where my coaching journey began. A journey of continuous learning and growth, love and compassion, freedom, empowerment, curiosity and connectivity, and above all fulfillment. I am loving my journey so far!