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How can I be so sure that our coaching sessions will empower you to rediscover your potential?

I’ve been in your position! Following a series of personal challenges, I experienced my own transformative change by embarking on this very process. In order to see how I achieved such clarity, we’ll need to go back to the beginning…

I grew up in a loving household with my parents and two brothers. A childhood rich with happiness and calming energy despite being set against the backdrop of ‘80s communist Albania. As I reached my teens and faced a whole new set of challenges, however, so did my country. 

Albania’s troubles grew as the regime changed hands and the country opened up to the world. I witnessed a shift in both my physical and mental growth during this time, learning to nurture a hopeful sense of maturity in order to stay afloat. These years, whilst troubled, helped instil compassion within me as I learned to adapt to new responsibilities and live in accordance with circumstances outside of my control. 

These values would serve me well in my late 20s when I moved to Denmark to be with someone only for the relationship to come to an end shortly afterwards. I thus found myself in a foreign country with a handful of options. I could either let the difficult situation take hold and dictate how I lived the rest of my life or I could take valuable lessons from it before discovering what it was that I truly wanted next.

After years of being influenced by circumstances outside of my control, I decided to look inwards in search of the answers. I thus set out on a period of professional and personal discovery, becoming fascinated by the psychology of what makes us who we are and why we follow the paths that we do.

I decided to stay in Denmark and started to contemplate what I could achieve if I believed that I was entirely capable. What foundations could I build upon to establish the life I wanted? What narrative would I have to stop believing in if I was going to make changes?

I studied languages and took an interest in the beauty to be found in cultures other than my own, marvelling at the power of meaningful conversation across the globe. I then took a slight detour and went on to achieve a Masters degree in Business Administration (MBA). In the beginning, the fast-paced world of boxes and deadlines and conformity fascinated me. It took me some years, fifteen of them in fact, to realise that the initial spark had long fizzled out and the numbers were no longer fulfilling me.

I once again found myself pondering what exactly it was that I envisioned when I pictured the rest of my life. What was I passionate about? Where could I have the most positive impact, not only on myself but on others too? 

I began attending self-development courses to tackle my mindset and hired a life coach to help me figure out where it was that I needed to be in order to achieve my goals. Our sessions helped me to recognise that my values and needs had changed over the years and it was important for me to move with them as opposed to against them. 

In accepting this truth, I realised that I gained the most nourishment from working directly with others to encourage positive change. And so I studied at the Co-Active Training Institute (CTI) and now hold credentials as a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) and an ICF Associate Certified Coach. These roles have trained me to become a life-long learner and purveyor of consistent personal growth, which has, in turn, provided me with the tools needed to empower others to connect with similar values. 

Making such a big career change was incredibly freeing, albeit terrifying at the time, and observing the impact my work has had on my clients has filled me with all the joy and fulfilment that I sought for so many years. 

When I’m not empowering my clients to make impactful decisions, I focus on the things I’m passionate about. From working on my creative endeavours to connecting with locals whilst on my travels, I like to keep busy. I also love dancing – a passion that is reflected in my coaching as I consider the body to be an important source of information where the physical embodiment of emotions is concerned.

Now that we’re acquainted, you can find out more about the life-leadership coaching services that I offer and how you can contact me to find out more about them.

 I look forward to learning more about you!


  • I am a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) trained by the Co-Active Training Institute.
  • Graduate of Leadership Programme trained by the Co-Active Training Institute.
  • Associate Certified Coach (ACC) by International Coach Federation
  • I have a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) and more than 15 years’ experience in Finance, Human Resources and Administration.

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