Clarity Cards

A set of 48 self-coaching cards for fulfillment and direction.

A deep and fun way to find your answers by yourself to dilemma, topics and places you are stuck at. These cards help you in the process of introspection and coach you through tough or stuck periods at moments when your friends or professional help are not accessible.


How do these cards work?

Before you start the process, it is very important that you create the space for this process of clarity and introspection. To do that, you need to find a calm place and block some time for yourself. Switch off any distractions: your phone, computer, TV. Ideally, start with a grounding exercise, which can be meditation or some deep breathing, to prepare you to have a conversation with yourself and connect you to the topic you would like to explore. Have a notebook and pen ready by your side. It is best to journal your answers.

(Journaling is a great way to let your thoughts flow onto paper and get in touch with your subconsciousness. Give it a try! If you don’t have anything to write, start writing the statement and let your hand do the rest.)

Before picking up a card, think of the topic you are looking to find an answer to. A topic that you might be feeling a little confused about, or stuck, and need some direction or clarity on. Take a card from the deck and read the statement. Try and fill in the dots as honestly as possible for your chosen topic. 

Some statements might not make that much sense to you. If not, turn them into questions and try and answer them that way instead.

For example: If my topic is my future career and I draw a card that says: I say YES to…my answer to replacing the dots would be: In my future career, I would say YES to a meaningful and fulfilling job; I would say YES to flexible working hours; I would say YES to travelling.

What happens when you are done with the CLARITY CARD you’ve drawn?

Now you have tried out the process of thinking of a topic, drawing a card and journaling. Most likely, you will end up in one of the following scenarios:

  • Everything is clear. You’ve reached a decision or the underlying problem is clear. You have a plan of action with very clear and specific steps. Well done and get started!
  • A new topic has originated from the first topic. We suggest you start the process again with the new topic and see where that leads.
  • You are totally blank! No answer and nothing is working. Not all cards are suitable for all topics. If you do not have the answers to a statement, set that particular card aside and draw another card. You may draw 3-4 cards per topic. If that still does not work, and you are still totally blank, take a break or change your environment. Sometimes we are too stressed or too emotionally charged – if you feel like it, talk to a friend or contact a professional and get the support you need.

These CLARITY CARDS are meant to help you kick off the process – if you need an accountability partner to help you take further steps towards making your topic come to life, you might want to consider hiring a coach to support you in this process.