Coaching Cards for Managers

These COACHING CARDS for MANAGERS are designed to support managers in facilitating discussions and coaching your employees and team members. These cards serve to inspire, start the process of figuring out a solution, and bring more clarity to your topics and dilemmas such as, for example, work-life balance, career or future.

Remember: a deep, meaningful conversation can make a lot of difference for your employees.

Change starts with one conversation at a time!


How do these cards work?

These cards are classified in stages, which are roughly the stages of a coaching session. 

Connection –>

Clarity –>

Strategy –>


CONNECTION cards (green): These questions serve as kickstarters for conversations. Using the questions is a judgment call. Some questions might resonate with you more than others. Choose the ones that you feel most comfortable with. Make them your own. 

CLARITY cards (yellow): These questions serve to clarify, deepen and make you aware of what the employee really wants in terms of their goals, achievements, priorities and dreams. Almost half of the cards are clarity cards, as it is very important to have a clear vision or goal for what the employee wants to achieve.

STRATEGY cards (purple): These cards facilitate the creation of an action plan in relation to what the employee wants to achieve.

COMMITMENT cards (blue): These cards serve to create accountability and agreements on what, when and how the employee will do the tasks they commit to doing. 

Before you start the process, it is imperative that you create the right space for this process of clarity and introspection.

To do that, you need to find a calm place and block some time for yourself before meeting your employee or colleague. Switch off any distractions: phone, computer, emails etc. Start with a grounding exercise, which can be meditation or some deep breathing, to prepare you for the conversation. 

Have a notebook and pen ready by your side.

It is imperative that you approach the conversation from a place of non-judgement, curiosity and courage. See what you are doing as a service to your employees, your team, the organization/company as a whole, and yourself!

You are there to support the other person in gaining clarity, advancing, changing or performing better.