What clients say

“What drew me to Migena in the first place was her warmth and kindness and the way listening to her speak inspired me. We connected from the first session. She has a genuine way of making you feel important – she gives you full attention and works with you, for you. Migena helped me discover parts of me that were always there, but that had been buried under years and years of harmful patterns. And what’s most important is that she provided me with practical exercises and strategies to break those patterns and go back to the better parts of myself in my daily life – for which, I’ll forever be grateful to her.”   

-Mihaela – Copenhagen

“When struggling with various aspects of my life, Migena helped me think clearly and organise my thoughts. Every session with her is very pleasurable, she listens attentively and nonjudgmentally. Migena’s guided me through profound exercises while helping me stay true to myself and my values. Thanks to her careful questioning and challenging, I was able to re-evaluate my situations and I am enabled to move forward with my life.”

– Burcu, Copenhagen


“Jeg var til en prøve coaching session hos Migena. Jeg havde et meget specifikt formål som jeg gerne ville have kigget på. Ret hurtigt fandt Migena ud af at det drejede sig om noget andet. Hun fik sat fingeren på 2-3 andre områder som ligger til grund for det jeg gerne vil løse. Samtidig blev der givet et værktøj som jeg kunne bruge fremadrettet. Jeg blev så glad for den professionalisme jeg blev mødt med at jeg købt et klippekort til 8 sessioner med det samme. Tak Migena”

-Claus Svane Rasmussen, Copenhagen


“Migena has this presence and undivided attention when she coached me. She has this genuine love and empathy and listens to what I am actually not saying. I was surprised many times that she figured out what all was about without me saying much. She challenged me to get out of my comfort zone and live more according to my values and closer to my authentic self.”

– Mirela, Tirana


“I was stuck and could not see much of how I was creating the life and my reality. Migena help me shift my mindset and see different perspectives and go into life with a more open mind and heart and see truly who I am and what uniqueness I bring into this world. Migena gave me valuable tools to apply in my everyday life.”

-Jessica, Dubai


“You are a very good coach . !! You really got me going in my dreams about getting more speaking jobs in talerne.dk THANK YOU SSOOO MUCH !!!! you kick ass !!!! It helps :-)”

-Asbjørn Jensen – Talerne.dk