Why do managers need coaching skills?

According to a Gallup research, “only about two in 10 managers intuitively understand how to engage employees, develop their strengths and set clear expectations through everyday conversations. In effect, only about two in 10 managers instinctively know how to coach”.

Acquiring a coaching leadership style means to practice and become skilled at emotional intelligence competencies such as self-awareness, empathy, curiosity, listening, acknowledging and developing others which go hand in hand with being a good leader. It is about considering leadership from “a mindset of a coach”.

How does coaching help YOU as a manager?

1. It helps you work easier but with a greater impact. How? You will build a team that is more self-sufficient and autonomous and create an environment where you do not need to jump in at all times, take over and become a bottleneck. 

2. Connecting with your employees, knowing what is meaningful and fulfilling for them, will create trust, greater impact and better performance, as well as happier employees and a better team spirit.

3. As a manager, you will gain more focus and time for redirecting your energy and resources to solving the challenges that make a difference.

I have developed a Course for Coaching Skills for Managers. If this has sparked your interest, please reach out to know more: hello@migenagjerazi.com or give me a call at +45 30823458.

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